Rooted in a long-running textile and fashion industry tradition in South Germany, B.BELT stands for individual belts and accessories handmade in Metzingen, Germany.

Naturally one of a kind


What defines B.BELT is a unique design aspiration that combines traditional saddling craftsmenship with modern, contemporary design for authentic people. B.BELT creates products whose quality you can feel. In close collaboration with glove makers, saddlers and fine bag makers, every detail of our product is developed, changed and adapted until we hold a perfect result in our hands. Others might focus on the cost of manufacturing – we focus on the joy of craftsmanship. And we’re confident you will see it – and feel it – in our products.

Many Types, Authentic Quality

New collections

Twice a year we present our latest B.BELT collection. In January for spring/summer and in July for autumn/winter. We put all our heart and soul into each release and pay attention to every little detail.


Handmade in Germany. As a manufacturing fashion company – this is hard to imagine for many of today’s fashion labels. At B.BELT, this was a matter of course from the very start. We’re aware of the responsibility we have as a fashion label in this industry, and we go far beyond the required sustainability standards.

  • Ingredients

    The basis of every product is its raw material. Three form the core of B.BELT: leather, metal, yarn. All our materials come from Europe. We completely avoid exotic leathers and artificial leathers made from crude oil. We want to create the most sustainable, lifelong companions possible – and for this we need environmentally friendly ingredients of the highest quality.

  • Manufacturing

    Truly wondrous things happen in our production process. Glovemakers, saddlers, and makers of fine bags from over ten countries work together in a 5,200-square meter space – with the goal of producing the perfect belt. But for us, perfect doesn’t mean plain and sober. For us, perfect means bringing out the unique character of the material.

  • People

    The heart of our label is our team. Without each and every one of these specialists we are nothing. Not only because we create so much by hand, but also because great ideas require passionate people. And we find them and rely on them at B.BELT to meet our high standards of work and product. In addition to exciting young talents, many employees have stayed with us for several decades. We completely avoid exploitation of cheap production in third countries, only manufacturing under the fairest conditions – handmade in Germany. We believe you can see it in our products.

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